Gathered is the place where talented artists and art lovers searching for amazing, one-of-a-kind art can find each other. Browse through the artists’ collections to find the piece that you love. A portion of each sale is donated to arts organizations furthering the careers of artists.

Art will lift you (and your space) up

No matter what type of space you have, beautiful art will lift it up. Whether you have a real knack for interior design or have no clue, adding the right piece of art is always a boost. What's best is that by hanging original art on your wall you are giving your space unique, one-of-a-kind character. By choosing a piece that you feel personally connected to, you are infusing your space with the artist's expression as well as your own, deepening your connection to your surroundings and providing ongoing inspiration.

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Gathered for Charity

Gathered donates a percentage of each sale to several arts organizations. Customers may also make donations at checkout. See the full list of orgs »

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"Aqua Pool", a painting by Sarah Boyts Yoder on "Untitled (shape shifting)", a collage by Susanna Corcoran on "Abstract Self Portrait with Ice Cream", a painting by Alex Noriega on "Geometric Construction", a painting by Helen Booth on "Untitled", a watercolor painting by Svetlana Rabey on "Unmet expectations", a painting by Wendy McWilliams on "Lost panels from a weekly cartoon never seriously attempted", pen and ink by Dave Eggers on "Farewell Kiss", a painting by Katherine Streeter on "Orange Ark", a painting by Sarah Boyts Yoder on

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Gathered was featured on Daily Candy! We couldn't be more thrilled with the positive feedback and the art lovers coming our way.
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